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    • Hikarigaoka Park

      Hikarigaoka Park is a comprehensive park in the Tokyo Toritsu Koen in Hikarigaoke, Nerima Ward, Tokyo Metropolis, Asahi Town and Akatsukashimmachi, Itabashi Ward Hikarigaoke, Nerima Ward, Tokyo Metropolis.Hikarigaoka-danchi is the largest park in Nerima Ward, adjacent to Hikarigaoka-danchi.Before the war there was Narimasu Air Port which became a squadron of the special suicide Kandaku Musashi Kenji Gakuin and Kandaku Musashi Kenji Gakuin (Hanaoka Gakuin).

      Nerima Ward Hikarigaoka 2·4chome, Asahicho 2chome, Akatsukashimmachi 3, Itabashi Ward

      ·Subway Oedo Line"Hikarigaoka"(E38)Get off, 8 minutes on foot
      ·Tobutojo Line"Narimasu"·Subway Fukutoshinsen"Subway Narimasu"(F 02)·Subway Yurakucho Line"Subway Narimasu"(Y02)Get off on foot 15 minutes
      ·Tobutojo Line"Narimasu" (South Exit) to Seibu Bus Nichidai Hikarigaoka Hospital · Hikarigaoka Station · Nerima Takano-dori Station · Minamidanaka Car
    • Itabashi 10 Views, Tokyo Daibutsu (Jorenji Templs)

      5-28 Akatsuka, Itabashi Ward

      ·25 minutes on foot from Tobu Tojo Line Shimoakatsuka Station on the Tobu Tojo Line Shimoakatsuka Station, 20 minutes on foot from Toei Mita Line Nishitakashimadaira Station on the Toei Mita Line Nishitakashimadaira Station

      Jorenji Templs is a temple relocated from Nakajuku, Itabashi Ward to the present Akatsuka, a formal temple donated the 10 red stones from Ieyasu Tokugawa.
      Also, in the Shogun Yoshimune 8th Shogun Yoshimune, we have related cultural assets, such as being designated as a resting place during falconry.
      And the Tokyo Daibutsu of Tokyo Daibutsu precincts was built in 1955 with a wish so that no disastrous earthquake disasters such as the Bombing of Tokyo and the Kanto Great Earthquake Disaster occurred.
      It is made of bronze with a height of 13 meters and weighs 32 tons, and it was chosen as one of the hundred New Tokyo scenes.

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